Bathroom Design Ideas

bathroom renovationsYour bathroom may be the smallest room of your house, but it has an enormous impact on your house’s overall atmosphere.  It’s one of the most frequently visited rooms, and is where you prepare for and wind down from your day.  Therefore, updating your bathroom to fit your own personal taste allows you to enjoy your home more, and also makes it easier to sell.  These bathroom design ideas can help you create a powder room that’s uniquely you.

Open Up Your Shower

Large, open showers are increasingly popular, particularly in master baths.  A roomier shower is more enjoyable and convenient to use, and the open space makes your bathroom appear to be more spacious.  If privacy is a concern, you can install a curtain that can be pulled out from the wall when necessary.

Let in the Light

 Although picture windows are typically a no-no for bathrooms, it’s possible to let in more natural light with windows set a little higher than usual, or with frosted glass. Natural light creates an open, airy appearance that’s modern and refreshing.

Retrofitting windows is a substantial job, and is best left to professional bathroom remodeling contractors.  For bathroom remodeling Toronto-area homeowners have many qualified professionals available.

 Design Modern Tub Surrounds

Porcelain claw foot tubs are a great vintage look, but if you’re after a more modern bath, you can customize your tub’s surround to meet your décor.  Wooden boxes that match the cabinetry are a popular option at the moment.

Draw Inspiration from Art

If you have a favorite piece of art, you can include it as a centerpiece for your bathroom.  Pull colors from the painting out to use as accent colors in your bathroom’s décor, and create an atmosphere that carries an artistic vibe.

Your Own Inspirations

If you’ve recently redecorated your bathroom, we’d love to hear about your own bathroom design ideas in the comments section.  Tell us all about what features you included, and how you integrated your own personal style.

Top Bathroom Renovation Trends

bathroom renovation torontoBathrooms were once designed with purely practical purposes in mind, but are now also a place to relax and even luxuriate after a long day.  Many homeowners have been upgrading their bathrooms to make them more comfortable, inviting and enjoyable spaces.  These bathroom renovation trends can help you to enjoy your bathroom more, and also help sell your home when the time comes.

Large, Open Showers

Showers are becoming larger in size, but are also more open in general, with more glass and fewer ledges.  Additionally, thin sliding glass doors are being replaced with heavier, clear glass on hinged doors.  Shower remodels can be somewhat difficult, and it may be best to hire a professional.  For bathroom remodeling Toronto-area homeowners have many available contractors.

 Soaking Tubs in Lieu of Jacuzzis

Although enjoyable, Jacuzzi tubs are noisy, and require a huge amount of decking to support their machinery.  Many homeowners have opted to replace noisy Jacuzzis with quieter soaking tubs that are jetless, but deep and well-insulated to keep water hot for several hours.

Remote Fans

Remote fans, wherein the motor is installed elsewhere, typically in the attic, are quieter and more powerful than conventional exhaust fans.  This clears condensation off of mirrors faster, and prolongs the life of finishes.  Some of the newer fans even have humidity sensors, and switch on automatically.

Private Toilets

In new construction and advanced remodels, it’s increasingly common to wall off the toilet in a private room, or at least extend a privacy wall.  This makes it easier to share a bathroom, and is more aesthetically pleasing.

Heated Floors

Radiant electric heating is a popular luxury add-on in new homes or in extensive bathroom remodels.   Generally this consists of a mesh that is placed under tiles when they’re set, and is connected to a thermostat on the wall.  This makes a bathroom much more comfortable and enjoyable, especially during the winter months.

If you’ve recently updated your bathroom, we’d like to hear about your favorite or most recommended features in your luxury loo.  Tell us all about it in the comment section.

Small Bathroom Remodels

bathroom remodeling torontoIn the past 30 years, bathroom size in new homes has doubled.  Although larger powder rooms are certainly a luxury, if you’re in an older or otherwise space-efficient home, you may be dealing with more limited square footage in your bathrooms.  The following tips for small bathroom remodels can help you make the most of your space.

Keep it Simple

Simplistic designs are popular at the moment, as they create a more modern, streamlined look.  A no-frills bathroom layout and design can update your home’s look and also make better use of a smaller bathroom.

Replace Tubs with Showers

 Bathtubs typically occupy more space than showers, so replacing your tub with a shower stall can free up square footage, creating a more spacious environment.  However, this is a fairly difficult job, so unless you’re a master craftsman, it may be best left to professionals.  For bathroom renovation Toronto homeowners have many well-qualified bathroom remodeling contractors available to assist them in their needs.

 Install Pedestal-Style Sinks

 Although large vanities are convenient, they do not make efficient use of limited square footage.  Consider replacing vanities with smaller, pedestal-style sinks to create a roomier environment.  However, because storage is at a premium in small bathrooms, be sure to select sinks that have storage cabinets underneath.

 Enlarge Your Space Visually

 One of the most important (and easiest) aspects of any small bathroom renovation project is make your space appear to be as large as possible.  Light color schemes tend to make a space seem larger, as does updating lighting to create a brightly lit environment.  Large bathroom mirrors also visually enlarge your bathroom, as do clear glass shower doors.

If you’ve ever remodeled a smaller bathroom, we’d like to hear about your experiences in the comments section.   Tell us what innovations or features helped you to make better use of your space, or how you were able to make your bathroom feel larger and more open.