Bathroom Flooring

bathroom remodeling torontoBathroom flooring is an important component of any bathroom renovation, flooring can easily become worn and dated.  The right flooring choice is not only practical, but also sets the tone for the bathroom’s design.  Here we give a rundown of the most popular bathroom flooring options and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Tile Bathroom Flooring

Tile is one of the most popular bathroom flooring options, as it’s waterproof, low-maintenance, stain resistant and durable.  Ceramic bathroom tiling is available in many sizes, shapes colors, patterns and textures.  However, tile feels hard and cool underfoot, and smooth-surface tile can become slippery when wet.

Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

Vinyl flooring is durable and resists water penetration.  Vinyl is available in both sheet and tile form, and comes in a wide array of colors, prints and textures.  However, sheet vinyl flooring can be difficult and costly to install, so should only be installed by competent professionals.

Marble Bathroom Flooring

Marble is the quintessential flooring, and creates a stately, classic look.  It is highly durable, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.  However, marble can be slippery when wet, so if it is used around showers or tubs proper non-slip bath mats should be in place.  Marble is also quite costly, and the underlying structure may need to be reinforced to accommodate its weight.

Stained Concrete

Most flooring sits directly on the concrete slab, which can actually be dyed to create an attractive flooring all its own.  Stained concrete is waterproof, low-maintenance and the most economical flooring choice available.  It’s also an excellent DIY flooring option, and can be installed by most amateurs.  However, stained concrete can be very slippery when wet, so non-slip bath mats should be placed around showers and tubs to prevent slips and falls.

Over to You

Are you currently engaged in a bathroom remodeling project, or have you just remodeled your bathroom?  If so, we’d love to hear your own bathroom remodeling ideas and flooring insights in the comments section.

Bathroom Space Savers

bathroom renovation torontoYour bathroom is a small space that’s called upon for many purposes.  Because we’re in a packed metropolis, one of the challenges with bathroom renovation Toronto homeowners frequently face is a petite bath.  These bathroom space savers will help you maximize the space you do have for a bathroom that’s both practical and attractive.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Wall-mounted sinks are common in commercial restrooms, and are now starting to make an appearance in newer bathroom remodels.  They’re supported solely by the wall, and the lack of a console trims off some space.  Wall-mounted sinks are available in many different styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits your décor.

Mirrored Storage

A slimline storage cabinet with a mirror doubles as a vanity and as some much-needed extra storage space.   These take up a minimal amount of space, especially when they’re installed above the sink.

Space-Efficient Showers

It can be challenging to fit a comfortable and functional shower into a small bathroom, but it can be done.  Corner showers with a clipped corner (also known as neoangle) can take up less floor space in petite bathrooms.  Also, using all-glass clear will visually enlarge your space.  Finally, recessed or niche storage within your shower (rather than shelves) allows storage of bath accessories without taking up space.

Creative Towel Racks

Traditional towel racks designed to hold only one towel quickly take up wall space in a smaller bathroom.  Consider using more space efficient racks that store multiple towels.  You can even get creative by repurposing a coat hanger or old magazine rack to cut costs and add flair to your bathroom renovation.

Over-Toilet Storage

Wall space above your toilet can be turned into bonus storage space.  Install a slimline cabinet above your toilet to increase your bathroom storage capacity, which is often limited in small bathrooms.

Downsize Your Toilet

If you’re currently using an old-fashioned commode, you can opt for a newer elongated model to free up some wall space.  Newer toilets also use much less water, which is environmentally friendly and trims down your water bill.

If you’re currently remodeling a space-limited loo, we’d love to hear your own space saving ideas.  Tell us all about them in the comments section.

DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas

bathroom renovationsIf you’re looking to update your bathroom on a budget, you can save a lot of money by doing at least part of the job on your own, and perhaps prioritizing the most important aspects of your remodel and leaving other features unchanged or simply repairing them.

 Unless you’re a master craftsman, it’s best to keep a DIY bathroom renovation reasonably simple.  Here we suggest a few potential features that can easily be installed by novice or intermediate homeowners.

 DIY Bathroom Flooring

 Installing your own flooring can save a substantial amount of money on your bathroom renovation.  If you wish to remove prior tiling, it will be a simple but labor-intensive job.  Laminate flooring is somewhat easier to remove.

The most simple bathroom flooring option is stained concrete, which lends a simplistic modern appearance.  If you’re looking for something with a bit more personality, laminate flooring is another good DIY option.  Tile floors are somewhat more difficult to install, but are manageable if you’re an intermediate handyman.

 DIY Bathroom Cabinetry

 Cabinetry in un-renovated bathrooms is often care worn and outdated, and many homeowners wish to replace or improve cabinetry in bathroom renovations.

Cabinets are fairly expensive and somewhat difficult to install, so if you’re on a budget you may opt to paint your existing cabinets and perhaps replace the hardware.  This can significantly update their appearance but is relatively easy and inexpensive.

If you have your heart set on new cabinets, you may need to consult a professional to design your new cabinets and determine the proper dimensions.  Fortunately for bathroom renovation Toronto homeowners have many excellent contractors available.

 DIY Bathroom Ceilings

 Popcorn ceilings were previously vey popular, and many un-renovated homes still have them.  Fortunately, popcorn ceilings are fairly easy to remove, although it’s a labor-intensive job.

To remove a popcorn ceiling, use a lawn and garden sprayer to apply a mixture of water and unscented fabric softener to soften the texture, and subsequently scrape it off with a putty knife.  Patch any rough patches with plaster and sand prior to painting.

A Note of Caution

 Although doing some aspects of your bathroom remodel can save money, some aspects of a bathroom renovation are best left to professionals, particularly those concerning plumbing or electrical work.  These mishaps can be dangerous and also do substantial, costly damage to your home.  Use discretion in this, and consult professionals where appropriate.

If you’re currently in the process of renovating your bathroom, we’d love to hear some of your own DIY bathroom renovation ideas.  Tell us all about in the comments section.


Bathroom Design Ideas

bathroom renovationsYour bathroom may be the smallest room of your house, but it has an enormous impact on your house’s overall atmosphere.  It’s one of the most frequently visited rooms, and is where you prepare for and wind down from your day.  Therefore, updating your bathroom to fit your own personal taste allows you to enjoy your home more, and also makes it easier to sell.  These bathroom design ideas can help you create a powder room that’s uniquely you.

Open Up Your Shower

Large, open showers are increasingly popular, particularly in master baths.  A roomier shower is more enjoyable and convenient to use, and the open space makes your bathroom appear to be more spacious.  If privacy is a concern, you can install a curtain that can be pulled out from the wall when necessary.

Let in the Light

 Although picture windows are typically a no-no for bathrooms, it’s possible to let in more natural light with windows set a little higher than usual, or with frosted glass. Natural light creates an open, airy appearance that’s modern and refreshing.

Retrofitting windows is a substantial job, and is best left to professional bathroom remodeling contractors.  For bathroom remodeling Toronto-area homeowners have many qualified professionals available.

 Design Modern Tub Surrounds

Porcelain claw foot tubs are a great vintage look, but if you’re after a more modern bath, you can customize your tub’s surround to meet your décor.  Wooden boxes that match the cabinetry are a popular option at the moment.

Draw Inspiration from Art

If you have a favorite piece of art, you can include it as a centerpiece for your bathroom.  Pull colors from the painting out to use as accent colors in your bathroom’s décor, and create an atmosphere that carries an artistic vibe.

Your Own Inspirations

If you’ve recently redecorated your bathroom, we’d love to hear about your own bathroom design ideas in the comments section.  Tell us all about what features you included, and how you integrated your own personal style.

Small Bathroom Remodels

bathroom remodeling torontoIn the past 30 years, bathroom size in new homes has doubled.  Although larger powder rooms are certainly a luxury, if you’re in an older or otherwise space-efficient home, you may be dealing with more limited square footage in your bathrooms.  The following tips for small bathroom remodels can help you make the most of your space.

Keep it Simple

Simplistic designs are popular at the moment, as they create a more modern, streamlined look.  A no-frills bathroom layout and design can update your home’s look and also make better use of a smaller bathroom.

Replace Tubs with Showers

 Bathtubs typically occupy more space than showers, so replacing your tub with a shower stall can free up square footage, creating a more spacious environment.  However, this is a fairly difficult job, so unless you’re a master craftsman, it may be best left to professionals.  For bathroom renovation Toronto homeowners have many well-qualified bathroom remodeling contractors available to assist them in their needs.

 Install Pedestal-Style Sinks

 Although large vanities are convenient, they do not make efficient use of limited square footage.  Consider replacing vanities with smaller, pedestal-style sinks to create a roomier environment.  However, because storage is at a premium in small bathrooms, be sure to select sinks that have storage cabinets underneath.

 Enlarge Your Space Visually

 One of the most important (and easiest) aspects of any small bathroom renovation project is make your space appear to be as large as possible.  Light color schemes tend to make a space seem larger, as does updating lighting to create a brightly lit environment.  Large bathroom mirrors also visually enlarge your bathroom, as do clear glass shower doors.

If you’ve ever remodeled a smaller bathroom, we’d like to hear about your experiences in the comments section.   Tell us what innovations or features helped you to make better use of your space, or how you were able to make your bathroom feel larger and more open.

Simple Bathroom Renovation Ideas

bathroom renovationsAlthough your bathroom is one of the smaller areas of your home, it’s also one of the most frequently visited.  It’s also one of the first spaces you use when you begin your day, and one of the last spaces you’ll see at the end of the day.  Because this small room makes such a big impact on your home’s overall ambiance, updating your bathroom can brighten your home up for your family and house guests.  Because bathrooms are usually compact, even small changes can have a big impact, meaning that it’s easy to dramatically enhance your bathroom in a few simple steps.  These simple bathroom renovation ideas will improve your bathrooms’ appearance in short order.

Update Your Walls

One of the easiest ways to update your bathroom is to repaint or re-paper the walls.  To choose a color or design, first consider the atmosphere and feeling you are trying to achieve.  Many homeowners prefer a relaxing atmosphere, in which case earth tones, pink or subtle peach are good picks.  For a bright, cheery feeling, we recommend muted yellows and oranges.  For modern look, a neutral color scheme with clean lines and contrast is best.

Get More for Your Money

If you’re looking to stay on budget with your bathroom remodel, consider refinishing, rather than replacing cabinets, sinks, tubs and showers.  For cabinets, a fresh coat of paint can create a new look for minimal expense.  Refinishing sinks, tubs and showers may be best left to professionals, but there are many options to change the surface or color of these features without replacing them, which is generally much cheaper.

Make Small Changes with Big Impact

Because most bathrooms occupy minimal square footage, even minor changes can really improve your bathroom.  For example, updating your bathroom’s mirror can make a world of difference in its overall ambiance.  Replace your generic mirror with an oversize mirror in a decorative frame to freshen your bathroom’s appearance and visually enlarge your space.

Over to You…

Have you made simple changes to your bathroom that dramatically enhance its appearance?  Do you recommend any particular small upgrades to make a big difference?  Let us know in your comments.

Cheap Bathroom Renovation Ideas

bathroom renovation torontoBathroom renovation is one of the more costly components of any home makeover.  However, it is possible to save quite a bit of money using these cheap bathroom renovation ideas.  A qualified professional can help you to make the best selections for your home.  For bathroom remodeling Toronto has many available well-qualified interior design contractors.

Select White Components

If you select white sinks, tubs, showers and toilets, you can potentially save a substantial amount of money.  Manufacturers make more white components, meaning that they are much cheaper.  White is also more flexible for future changes in decor, meaning that you can change your color scheme if you desire to do so in the future.

Limit Tiling

Tile and tile installation are expensive.  If you limit tile work to the shower and sink, you can substantially reduce the cost of your bathroom remodel.  For the flooring, linoleum or stained concrete are more economical options.

Get Creative with Your Vanity

It is possible to turn an existing piece of furniture into a vanity by cutting a hole in an antique table or dresser and installing a drop-in sink and faucet.  This can save a lot of money, and also creates a unique look for your bathroom.

Go Vintage

You can pick up antique tubs, sinks, vanities, counter tops and toilets at architectural salvage yards and internet auctions sites.  This is usually much cheaper than buying new fixtures, and adds unique style to your bathroom.

A renovated bathroom updates your home’s look, and increases its resale value and overall appeal to potential buyers.  A personalized bathroom is also a great place to relax as you prepare for your day in the mornings, and unwind in the evenings.

Bathroom renovation can be costly, but if you’re willing to get creative, you can make your bathroom renovation project affordable to accommodate your budget without compromising style.

Benefits of Bathroom Renovation

bathroom remodeling toronto

Bathroom renovation, otherwise known as bathroom remodeling, can increase your family’s quality of life, and also make your house more valuable and easier to sell when the time comes.  However, it is a big job, and includes many difficult tasks that may be best left to professionals.  Fortunately for bathroom remodel Toronto residents have many qualified professionals available. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, it may be best to first consider the benefits and determine whether they are of importance to you and your family.  Once you have made the decision, find a well established and reputable contractor to discuss your needs and give you some valuable bathroom renovation ideas.

Bathroom Renovation Increases Home Value

Most potential buyers want to see a home that is fully updated, and is a finished package.  Bathrooms and kitchens begin to show a house’s age before most other rooms.  Styles change for sinks, commodes, showers, tubs, fixtures, wall coverings and color schemes, and an original non-updated bathroom is easy for appraisers and buyers alike to spot.  A bathroom remodel is a wise investment that will increase your quality of life in the immediate future and make your home more valuable and easier to sell down the road.

Bathroom Remodeling Creates an Enjoyable Environment

Renovating your bathroom creates an aesthetically appealing environment that is tailored to your personal tastes.  Further, many bathrooms are cramped, and a renovation can help to make more efficient use of a small space.  Modern furniture and fixtures take up less space, making your bathroom less cramped. Your bathroom is the place where you prepare for your day, and also where you unwind after a long day’s work.  Creating a space that is pleasing allows you to relax in your own personal space, improving your qualify of life and enjoyment of your home. Bathroom renovation is a great way to give your home a fresh, updated look, improving your home’s value and your family’s standard of living.  If you are considering a bathroom remodel, find a well-established and reputable contractor to discuss your plans and set a project budget and time frame.

Things to consider when thinking about a bathroom renovation

It’s no secret that houses take work to maintain. Even the smallest homes require upkeep. But there are few renovations that are as likely to add value to your home as much as re-doing a bathroom. According to an article by architect Paul DeGroot, it’s important to first understand your goals when considering a bathroom renovation. He says bathroom renos usually have one of three goals in mind: an expansion to make the room larger, a makeover to change the look and feel of the bathroom, or an addition to gain the extra space that an expansion won’t provide.

If you’re looking at your bathroom, it might be easy to find a hundred things you’d like to fix: the floor, the light fixtures, the mirror, the window, the fan, just to name a few. But to start on the right track with your renovation, it’s best to start with the basics: the toilet, the sink, and the bath tub.bathroom renovations

The toilet: When deciding on a toilet, consider how much space you have to work with, how much time you are willing to spend cleaning, and your budget. Toilets can be found for as little as $200, but one-piece toilets, which are easier to clean and can be smaller in size, are more expensive. So for this fixture, think about what is most important to you: cost, size, or ease of cleaning.

The sink: There’s a lot of variety in this department, but as with a toilet, your considerations should be space, how easy it is to clean, and cost. If you have a small bathroom and you aren’t planning on an expansion or addition to make it larger, then there are two main options, DeGroot says: a pedestal sink, or, if there is even less space, a sink mounted to the wall. There’s little (or no) floor area to clean, too. If you need more storage, then maybe a sink with countertops below might be your best bet.

The bath tub: Here is where you can get some additional luxury if you’re looking for it. There are many tubs available on the market with spa-like features, include whirlpool functions and water jets. If you have in mind something simpler, try a standard 60-inch (five foot) long tub, which is also typically 14 inches tall. But if you want something where you can get more of the full-body experience, there are always taller options available.

Once you’ve decided on the ‘big three,’ it’s time to start looking at the other parts of your bathroom which you’re planning to update. In many bathrooms, the floors are old, cracked, mouldy or just generally out of date, and it’s in need of updating.

There are many possibilities for flooring, but ceramic is still the best option. But before you place new tiles on the bathroom floor, make sure the subflooring underneath is solid. After all, the quality of the finishes is only as good as the foundation.

Bathrooms can help create a feeling of comfort in your home, and cheap bathroom renovations can be one of the best way to add value to your home. But  before you begin, make a plan, set a budget, and start with the most important areas first.