Basement Insulation

Basement-Wall-InsulationBasement insulation is a necessary component of basement finishing, and can also make your home more energy-efficient even if you have an unfinished or partially finished basement.  In order to effectively insulate your basement, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of insulation and install it properly.  In many cases, it may be advisable to consult a professional for this project.  For basement finishing Toronto homeowners have many available contractors.

Types of Basement Insulation

There are several different types of basement insulation, and each has its advantages and disadvantages:

Blanket insulation is the most common type of basement insulaton, and is made of flexible fibers, usually fiberglass.  It comes in rolls, sheets or batts, and is hand cut and trimmed to fit the wall studs.  Blanket insulation is cheaper than most other forms of basement insulation, so is a popular choice for this reason.

Rigid foam board insulation is made of polystyrene, polyisocyanurate (polyiso) and polyurethane.  It is highly efficient, and also keeps water vapor in its gaseous state, preventing accumulation of moisture.  For these reasons, rigid foam board insulation is one of the best basement insulation options.

Loose-fill insulation is comprised of small particles of fiber or foam that can conform to any shape or size, and is typically installed by pouring or blowing.  Loose-fill insulation is typically made from cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool or a combination of two or more components.  Loose-fill insulation isn’t quite as efficient as rigid foam board, but its ease of installation makes it a desirable choice for DIY basement finishing.

Installation Basics

The most important aspect of any basement insulation project is preventing accumulation of moisture in order to prevent mold and water damage.  Because an improper install is a costly mistake, it may be best to seek the help of an experienced basement finishing contractor unless you’re an experienced handyman.  For basement finishing contractors Toronto homeowners have many excellent options.

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