Luxury Bathroom Renovation

bathroom renovation torontoThe modern bathroom is ever expanding in size, form and function. Your bathroom is your escape from the hustle and bustle of your day, and is a great place to unwind. These luxury bathroom renovation features can turn your powder room into your own private sanctuary.


Nothing says that you have to sing a capelo in the shower. A high-end sound system in your shower provides the ultimate accompaniment. A built-in touch screen control panel provides a high-tech, customized touch.

TV has also made its appearance in the bathroom, and we have to admit that there’s nothing quite like enjoying your favorite movie from the comfort of a bubble bath. To keep nice clean lines, you can install a flat panel TV behind your mirror, so that it’s only visible when you’re ready to tune in.

His and Hers

Double sinks may have saved your marriage, but today’s luxury bathrooms take the concept of his and hers to a whole new level. Some bathrooms have separate alcoves tailored to his needs and hers. Picture a teched-out shower for him, a sumptuous spa for her, and a two-person soaking tub in between.   You can enjoy your luxury loo solo or in the company of your better half.

Steam Showers

Nothing chases away the winter chill or the aches and pains of a long day’s work like a steam shower. You can turn your shower stall into a warm, misty haven, then when you’re done, turn on your shower for a quick rinse. Steam showers open your pores and are excellent for your sinuses, leaving you nice and refreshed.

Loo with a View

Generally bathrooms have small and/or frosted windows for the sake of privacy, but strategic privacy hedges or fencing can allow you to enjoy a scenic view. You can cultivate a tranquil landscape to enjoy a nature’s bounty while you unwind.

Over to You

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Keeping Kitchen Renovation Cost in Check

kitchen remodelIf you’ve done your homework, you’re well aware that kitchen renovation cost is considerable. Although it will never be cheap, it’s possible to keep your kitchen renovation budget in check by planning your kitchen remodel wisely.

Don’t Compromise Quality

Before we begin discussing the right way to keep kitchen renovation cost in check, we should emphasize that it’s never a good idea to skimp on quality. In the end, low-quality construction will come back to haunt you. Because you will ultimately have to replace shoddy work and perhaps repair any resultant damage, shoddy construction is often more expensive than doing the job right the first time around.

That being said, the below guidelines will help you keep your kitchen renovation budget on track without compromising the quality of your new kitchen.

Increase Efficiency, Not Size

Today’s kitchens are ever expanding in size and function, and increasing your kitchen’s size may be desirable, especially in older homes with smaller kitchens. However, expanding your kitchen by only 200 square feet can cost up to $48,000. Increasing space efficiency through well-placed storage and making the most of wall space can increase your kitchen’s functionality while avoiding costly expansions.

Refurbish and Refinish

Cabinetry, countertops and flooring are some of the most costly aspects of kitchen remodeling. If these elements are in good enough shape to be refinished rather than replaced, doing so will cut back your kitchen renovation cost significantly.

Use In-Stock Fixtures

Special-order fixtures and plumbing cost significantly more than in-stock materials. If possible, use items that are already in stock for your kitchen renovation; they’re just as good as custom-ordered and are much more cost-efficient.

Be Realistic with Features and Amenities

Today’s gourmet kitchens are chock-full of features, luxuries and amenities. Although these amenities are convenient, they rack up kitchen renovation costs, and aren’t necessarily required in most cases. Consider your priorities for your new kitchen, and if you won’t get much use out of a potential feature, you may want to consider doing without it.

Over to YouHave you recently renovated your kitchen? If so, we’d like to hear all about your own budget-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas. Tell us all about it in the comment section.