Delta-FL Waterproofing Membrane A Revolutionary New Flooring Idea

Until recently, the only way to rise above the cold of a concrete slab floor was to construct a wood subfloor.  Even then, a wood floor does nothing to combat dampness! But now there’s a far better — cheaper, easier and more effective — solution. DELTA-FL is a uniquely dimpled, heavy-duty grey plastic membrane that keeps you and your family warm and comfortable in your basement rec room, or any room in the house with a concrete, slab-on-grade floor.  It’s a far better choice than a wood subfloor for so many reasons:

  • COST: DELTA-FL is 40 to 50% cheaper than a wood subfloor
  • HEIGHT:  1 inches lower than a wood subfloor
  • WARRANTY:  comes with a 20 year product warranty

But the best reason of all to use DELTA-FL is because of its PERFORMANCE! Read on for an explanation of how it works to keep you comfortable and healthy in your home.

1 In a fraction of the time it takes to construct a wood subfloor, DELTA-FL creates a highly effective barrier against cold and damp. Installation couldn’t be simpler.  DELTAFL is available in 4 x 8 ft. sheets or 5.0 x 65.6 ft. rolls.  Just roll out and cut to size. Individual pieces are placed dimple-side down and overlapped by 6 inches to “lock” each piece to its neighbor.  Seams can be sealed with butyl tape if desired.

2 At the same time as DELTA-FL seals off moisture, its dimples create a continuous “air gap” over the surface of the concrete. This air gap does three things:

  • It insulates.  Floors covered with DELTA-FL are 25% warmer, on average.
  • It protects the concrete by allowing it to “breathe” and dry.  It permits any air-borne moisture to be vented to the wall area — not absorbed into floor coverings.
  • It cushions your steps to provide a healthier, more comfortable walking surface.

3 Most laminated flooring can be placed directly on top of DELTA-FL.  For other floor treatments, DELTA-FL is covered with sheets of Tongue & Grove plywood subfloor or OSB. These are anchored to the concrete with concrete screws. Now the floor is ready for laminate carpet, sheet vinyl, or any other finish you wish!

4 Because DELTA-FL puts an impermeable barrier between carpets and the damp concrete slab, it stops musty smells and carpet rot.  Floor coatings like linoleum won’t lift, and your basement will have the same high quality, dry warm floors as the rest of your home.

5 Here’s the most important reason to use DELTA-FL — your family’s health and comfort.  DELTA-FL helps prevent molds that can cause allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.  It ensures that below-grade play and living areas are as warm, dry and comfortable for day-to-day family activities as the rest of your house.